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If you are one of the women who like to show off stylized hair, but the constant use of styling products that use heat is causing damage to your hair, in our line of beauty products Alizz we present the new INFRARED ALIZZ PRO SECADOR DE CABELLO ideal for the care and styling you are looking for.

This revolutionary hair dryer is made with the new infrared heat technology, which is less aggressive than that used by traditional dryers.

This infrared heat dries your hair from the inside without damaging the cuticle, as well as leaving it feeling soft.


It is equipped with a patented silver-coated ceramic honeycomb heating element that distributes gentle heat and air speed evenly for greater energy efficiency. This technology saves up to 40% energy.

If you are tired of the aggressions that your hair suffers during styling, the punch Infrared Alizz Pro will take care of you as studies show that the ceramic infrared dryer, in combination with our patented honeycomb heating element and deep double penetration infrared light technology, has therapeutic effects.

This technology provides gentle heat to your hair making it stronger, preventing tangles and split ends. This therapy improves the blood circulation of the scalp helping to prevent hair loss.

It also helps repair damaged hair giving it a voluminous, silky and healthy appearance. On the other hand, the infrared light reduces the drying time by half, lightening the styling process.

Among the benefits offered by this wonderful dryer is that it eliminates EMF radiation and, by avoiding prolonged exposure to heat, does not damage the cuticle and enhances the natural shine of the hair.

Similarly, the twin deep-penetrating infrared lights repair damaged and processed hair and also prevent hair loss in the early stages. 

This functional hair dryer comes in opal matte black with gold accents for an elegant look, its ergonomic design is lightweight for easy adjustment by the stylist.

It has a 2.50 meter long cable ideal for professional use as it makes it easier for you to move while you work, it uses a voltage of 10A 120V, its warranty is 12 months.

You can get more information and advice through our Whatsapp direct line or view our entire line of products at redes socialesas well as in our página en línea.

Register on our page, we welcome you, and from that very moment acquire this fabulous hair dryer, you will not regret it.

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Resfa moreno:

Buenos días, para saber que precio tiene el secador y gracias

May 31, 2022

Zaide Coronel :

Buena noche, cual es el precio?

Nov 03, 2021

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