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NowadaYs gentlemen want to be well cared for at all times and the face is fundamental when it comes to personal care, at Alizz we are aware that it is necessarY to have the tools at hand to achieve it, and for this reason we present You the Máquina Maker Buzz Black Alizz.

It is a light machine that weighs less than 142 grams which allows it to be easilY carried from one place to another without complications. It onlY measures 4.60 inches and despite being small it has a powerful rotating motor that easilY fades facial hair in a silent waY.

Its design is light and ergonomic that allows it to be handled comfortablY and safelY, adapting to anY hand size. The Maker Buzz Black Alizz It has a lithium-ion batterY that allows it to be used autonomouslY for 80 minutes at maximum power on a single charge.

Its rotarY motor supports 9000 revolutions per minute which shows power without neglecting the delicacY that the face needs. On the set of the Machine Afeitadora Buzz Black Alizz A charger with dual technologY is included that allows it to be used in both 110V or 220V, which makes this great shaver a perfect candidate for todaY's man who wants to be groomed anYwhere and anYtime.

ExternallY, the machine is made of polYmer that guarantees its resistance over time. It also includes a blade guard and brush for easY machine cleaning.

Its oscillating blades easilY adapt to the curves of the face to avoid leaving places with hair and are designed in hYpoallergenic titanium and gold materials that guarantee a shave without irritation or hair pulling. 

Comfortable, light and powerful, these are the characteristics that perfectlY describe this powerful shaver that manages to satisfY the needs of the most demanding man who wants to be groomed at all times.

Machine Afeitadora Buzz Black Alizz allows dailY use to achieve a hair-free face, ensuring a fading finish that eliminates stubble.

In the same waY, it can be the ideal allY for barbershop professionals who want to complement their work with a tool that effectivelY fades facial hair, alwaYs counting on the brand's safetY. Alizz which ensures a qualitY product.

Its presentation is available in an elegant black color with its golden blades. Without a doubt the Maquina Afeitadora Buzz Black Alizz It is a tool that deserves to belong to the personal care kit of todaY's gentleman, quicklY and easilY solving the problem of hair on the face.

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Juan esteban Valencia García :

Hola buenas noches, quisiera comprar el repuesto donde van las rejillas doradas de la maquina Buzz donde los puedo comprar? Estoy buscando un en Ciudad de Pereira Colombia

Sep 12, 2022

luis galvis:

Una solicitud especial.
Compré la maquina alizz buzz black professional.

enviar por correo electronico por fa

si es possible me pueden enviar el manual de operacion y mtto.

no lo traía.

Sep 04, 2022

Diego Alejandro:

Hola, compre esta máquina por la marca que es tan reconocida, pero no veo los repuestos por ninguna parte, no se consiguen?

Feb 26, 2021

Natalia Diaz:

Hola yo compre la maquina para mi esposo y se le irritó la piel el siempre se a afeitado en seco y nose porque ahora con esta nueva maquina se esta irritando

Feb 20, 2021

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