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When it comes to caring for your hair Alizz brings the best for you, that's why we present you the Rizador Profesional Alizz Pro, with the innovative infrared technology that guarantees a constant, uniform and optimal temperature to create beautiful soft and voluminous waves that last.

The Infrared Alizz Curling Iron Pro has been created with technology that evenly distributes infrared heat and locks moisture into the hair, leaving long-lasting, silky curls with intense color and less breakage.

Its infrared technology in combination with a 100% pure titanium barrel will allow superior performance that will give you beautiful curls every time.


Infrared Alizz Pro Features an instant heat recovery system that allows the titanium barrel to heat up to 450°F, ensuring even heat for long-lasting curls.

It has micro sensors that regulate the temperature of the heat, providing complete coverage to do a quick job and keep hair healthy. Whatever your type of fine, fragile, thick or resistant hair, the Infrared Alizz Curling Iron suits your needs.

It will only suffice to adapt the temperature through the digital display located on its handle. It can also be used on synthetic hair extensions at a recommended temperature of 60ºC.


To achieve optimal results with the Rizador Infrared Alizz, after choosing the style you want to give your hair, it is recommended to choose the right temperature, first trying 160ºC and then gradually increasing it.

For people who use the curling iron daily, a temperature of 185ºC is recommended. With this wonderful curling iron you will obtain greater shine and duration of the curl in less time.

Its design was created in such a way that it can be easily handled, its cable is 360-degree swivel and 2.5 meters long and its structure is ergonomic and lightweight that allows easy handling.


Its color is opal matte black with gold details that highlight elegance. The curling iron measures 11.5cm long and the infrared titanium barrel is 1.25".

These measures will guarantee you to work comfortably with the hair, offering you extraordinary curls as a result that will make you wear the most varied styles in a simple way.

The Rizador Infrared Alizz It has smart features that will make it easy to use. The automatic shutdown system will activate after 60 minutes of inactivity, ensuring optimal and safe performance.

The tip of the curling iron has a technology that keeps them cold to provide a safe area at the time of use, avoiding burns. Without a doubt the Rizador Infrared Alizz It will become your favorite tool for caring for your hair, highlighting your beauty to the fullest.

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Victor Palacio :

Hola, compre una Alizz risadora y las luces rojas de la pinza no prenden, que debo de hacer

Dec 24, 2021

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