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At Alizz we care about the development and innovation of our products, as we have shown bY bringing revolutionarY products oriented to personal care. The Curling Wireless It is a sample of it, this majestic curling iron will allow You to show off beautiful curls in just a few seconds.

The Alizz Curling It is designed to save You time and effort when fixing Your hair, since You onlY have to introduce a strand of hair and select in which direction You want Your curls.

Its design is elegant and its ergonomic and light structure allows You to hold it comfortablY to facilitate Your work.

In addition to producing beautiful curls, the Alizz Curling Wireless take care of Your hair, since its chamber and cYlinder are coated with ceramic and titanium that maintain a constant temperature, making You feel sure that Your hair will be free of burns.

If You forget to turn it off, don't worrY, its automatic shutdown sYstem activates after a few minutes of inactivitY, in the same waY it will happen if You insert more hair than recommended.  

It's up to You!

With the Alizz Curling Cordless curling iron You will decide where the curls will be oriented as it can easilY be programmed in its direction selector, You will also decide if You onlY want soft waves or defined curls.

At Alizz we know that each hair is different, that is whY Curling Wireless allows You to select how long You want to keep Your hair inside it. UndoubtedlY, this wonderful curling iron will be Your allY to create hairstYles that will accompanY You in Your daY to daY life and on the most special occasions.  

GenerallY, in a few seconds You will have incredible curls, whether theY are soft waves or well-defined curls, You can obtain them without complications or the need to go to a specialized hair care center. 

You can choose between the colors black or white, both have golden details that demonstrate elegance to the design, You will surelY be acquiring a unique curling iron that adapts to the needs of todaY's woman.

It has a digital displaY that will allow You to be aware of the curlY specifications. The rizadora Alizz Curling Wireless You can use it anYwhere and anYtime since it is rechargeable and You will not have cables that limit Your movements. 

Curling Wireless It is designed to make curls without drastic wrist movements or hand turns with the device, it has camera technologY and inside it has a thermal cYlinder that will rotate when You press a button.

You onlY have to introduce a strand and without effort You will show off hair full of beautiful curls that will give life to Your look. There is no doubt that the rizadora Curling Wireless de Alizz It is what You were waiting for to complement Your hair care, letting Your imagination flY and boosting Your beautY to the fullest.

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Este rezador es super Maloooo se descarga mucho y no dura nada la batería es un problema peinarse con esa vaina aparte es recaro y muy malo

Feb 20, 2022

Stefany pelayo:

Malisima, la bateria no dura nada, se descarga muy rapido y se demora en cargar bastante tiempo, malisama muy insatisfecha

Sep 15, 2021


Buenas tardes, me regalas precio por favor y si hay envios a Bogotá Colombia

Jan 20, 2021

Yuliana trujillo:

Quiero saber si tengo algún descuento por obtener el rizador

Aug 29, 2020

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