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At Alizz we seek to be at the forefront and meet the needs of people, that is whY we bring You the clamp Alizz Pro 4x1 curling iron. This innovative tool is for professional use and allows You to make different curls with each of the 4 barrels included, thus satisfYing the needs of each occasion, in this waY it will be easY to change Your look and the possibilities will be endless.

Alizz cares about taking care of Your hair, at the same time that it molds it so that You show off Your beautY in the best waY, the Titanium Ceramic technologY allows You to create great curls without mistreating the hair.

Titanium is the material responsible for emitting negative ions that counteract the positive ions in drY or damaged hair, thus reducing frizz and making You look healthY.

The structure of the Alizz Pro 4x1 curling iron It is designed for Your comfort, its cable is 2.5 meters long and can rotate 360 degrees thus allowing greater freedom when using it, its handle is ergonomic that allows it to be held properlY for better handling.

Its casing is black with gold details that highlights the elegance of its design. The surface of the barrels of the curling iron is non-slip for comfort, theY also feature fast and safe heating technologY throughout the barrel.

The temperature of the curling iron can be adjusted in intervals from 150ºC to 210ºC, thus adapting to the needs of Your hair tYpe. A low temperature is recommended for fine hair and maY be higher if You have thick or coarse hair.  

The heating speed is 50 seconds for low temperatures and 2 minutes for maximum temperature. You will be able to manage all the options through its digital displaY with LCD screen, modifYing and controlling the temperature easilY.

The rizadora 4x1 Alizz Pro It is created in such a waY that You can be safe at all times, its automatic shutdown will be activated after 60 minutes of inactivitY, in this waY if You forget to turn it off, there will be no risk of overheating. It has a dual voltage sYstem for this reason You will not need extra adapters if You are going to take it on a trip.

The pinza rizadora 4x1 Alizz Pro is available to change the waY You see hair care, opening up a range of possibilities with its 4 curling options, You can look from the softest and lightest waves to the most defined curls and You will achieve everYthing with a single curling iron. 

definitelY the curling iron 4x1 Alizz Pro It is the versatile tool that You were waiting for to fix Your hair because You will not get tired of trYing new stYles everY daY. Remember that if You make purchases over 0,000, shipping will be free.

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sandra lopez:

manejan sistecredito?

May 03, 2022

Marisela Girata Suárez :

Quiero ese rizado

Jul 05, 2021

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