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No more split ends. Hair with pins is a thing of the past thanks to the innovative tool created by Alizz to always look long and healthy hair.

And it is that the SEAL OFF ALIZZ PRO PLANCHA PARA EL CABELLO (QUITA HORQUILLA) safely cuts the bobby pins leaving the rest of the hair totally healthy. This hair straightener remover works more safely than when using scissors or other types of blades.

All women like to show off well-groomed hair that feels healthy and looks beautiful, but achieving it is sometimes a challenge. For best results it is recommended to flat iron the hair first, as the brush works best with straight hair.

Thin strands of approximately 1/2 cm wide should be taken, passing the machine up to 3 times and adjusting the length that you want to cut from damaged, brittle hair or with hairpins.

Seal Off Alizz Pro plancha para el cabello Quita Horquilla, is a select tool that should not be missing in the inventory of any professional stylist, but equally any lady who wants to always have long and healthy hair should acquire it for her personal use.

Seal Off Quita Horquillas, cut split hair ends in a minute, let your hair grow beautiful and healthy with the help of this fantastic ally that captures the attention of millions of women concerned about the health of their hair.

You will be surprised with the results obtained after using this wonderful tool. The new technology used by Alizz in this fork remover trims quickly and safely.

Its presentation comes in shiny black with gold details which makes it look truly elegant. His skates are Titanium 3cm wide by 21cm high.

Likewise, its design is ergonomic, its measurements are: 6 cm wide, 29 cm long and 3.4 cm high; which makes it adjustable to the stylist's anatomy, its temperature range is 230ºC (450ºF) and its heating speed is 2 minutes to reach its maximum temperature.

It has a 2.5 cm long 360 degree rotating cable. It works with a 10A 125 V voltage, it has Off-On and a digital display. And as if that were not enough, it also has a 12-month warranty.


  • Eliminate hairpins without affecting length.
  • Quickly and safely trim dry, burned or damaged ends.
  • Saving money on treatments to remove bobby pins that take time to work.
  • Safer than using scissors or blades.

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Liliana Giambra:

Me gustaría una plancha que precio

Apr 05, 2022

Fernando Gómez:

Hola Buenos Días

Quiero Distribuir sus Productos.
Quiero conocer Portafolio y Precios al Mayor.

Celular +573115660300
Fernando Gómez
Bogotá – Colombia

Apr 04, 2022

Linda reina:

Quiero saber más de la quita horquillas
Una plancha para negocio buena
Y un secador para negocio bueno

Feb 26, 2021

Reina :

Cuando la sacarán en la promoción ?

Feb 20, 2021

Marilin Cárdenas:

Deseo tener más información acerca de la plancha quita orquillas precio

Oct 24, 2020

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