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Personal care is a very important activity for today's gentlemen, which is why it is necessary to have quality tools that allow you to follow the latest trends in haircuts in a simple way.

Thus Alizz introduces the Stainless Black Alizz slicer that combines classic precision with modern performance. Thinking about the comfort of our customers, we offer you this machine without cables, offering better handling during cutting and enjoying optimal control of each movement.

It has a lithium-ion battery that allows 90 minutes of autonomy after a 60-minute charge, it works without losing speed, offering reliable power at the time of use.

The Stainless Black Machine set Alizz It includes a set of 6 magnetized guide combs that provide versatility, since you can create gradients by changing the size of the combs comfortably.

Also included are a power adapter, a debris cleaning brush, and oil that acts as a lubricant for blade maintenance. Wet or dry hair can be cut, allowing you to create different styles with easy control of the cut.

This amazing machine Alizz It has a carbon steel blade that ensures an exact cut avoiding hair pulling and skin irritation, it can be adjusted by means of a lever to sizes 000 and 1, giving the machine the precision that the cut needs. 

It has a powerful high-performance rotary motor that guarantees constant blade speed without losing power in the middle of the cut. Its ergonomic design adapts easily to the user's hand allowing a better grip and therefore optimal use.

The Stainless Black Alizz Machine offers you the most innovative cordless technology and with enough autonomy to create wonderful styles. It is light, it only weighs 371 grams. It is available in black color that highlights its elegance.

In recent times, the most varied styles of cuts for men are at their peak, which is why it is necessary to have a machine that allows you to create different styles with gradients that make gentlemen look unique and special. 

 This versatile machine is designed for both professional and personal use, it is a tool that allows the professional barber to create wonderful styles but it can also be used by the man who wants to keep himself groomed and does not want to go to specialized centers but to do it from the comfort of his home. .

The Stainless Black Alizz Machine is the tool you've been waiting for to show off well-groomed hair at all times. Its lightweight cordless design allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

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Camilo Enrique Franco Luque:

Bogotá D.C., mayo 30 de 2022

Buenas tardes.
Estoy interesado en adquirir el set de la Máquina Stainless Black Alizz.
Por favor, deseo saber el costo del equipo, modo de pago, no manejo tarjetas, una vez hecho el pago, cuánto demora la entrega, y que garantia tiene.
El 15 de agosto de 2009 adquirí una Máquina New Trimmer con factura cambiaría de compraventa AB N° 1731. Por caída de dañaron las cuchillas y el motor suena golpeado.
Muchas gracias por su atención, cordial saludo.
Camilo E. Franco Luque.

May 30, 2022

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