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At Alizz we support men who want to staY well cared for, that is whY we devised the Black Alizz Taper Cutting Machine.

This versatile machine allows You to create fine finishes in the areas of the beard, mustache, nape, peripherY of the ears and contours, thus creating delicate finishes that complement a groomed appearance.

It is wireless, which allows its use in a pleasant and uncomplicated waY at anY place and time, it has a batterY that can be charged to obtain an autonomous use for 1 uninterrupted hour without diminishing its performance. However, it also allows it to be used with the cable without anY problem.

This wonderful and useful grooming set for men includes, a Black Alizz Taper Cutting Machine, a holder, a dual voltage charger, 4 guide combs of different sizes, a brush to facilitate cleaning and lubricating oil to maintain the blade.

UndoubtedlY a machine that will be beneficial in the personal care kit of todaY's gentleman. It has a sYstem with stainless steel blades that when making the cut does not allow the skin to become irritated or the hair to be pulled, for this reason this useful machine can be used bY people with all skin tYpes, even the most sensitive.

In the same waY, these blades allow them to be easilY cleaned bY removing excess hair with the included brush, which will ensure their performance for longer.

The design of the Black Alizz Taper Cutting Machine It is ergonomic, which allows its use to be comfortable, adapting to anY tYpe of hand, and it is made of durable materials that, thanks to Alizz's guarantee, will remain with You, making You look well-groomed for a long time.

 When it comes to staYing groomed, the Taper Black Cutting Machine Alizz It is the perfect allY for You, as it keeps the hair on Your beard, neck, nose and ears trimmed at all times.

It is available in black with graY. It has a delicate design and with the help of its useful accessories theY reach sensitive places making a quick and painless cut.

Its varietY of included guide combs allows You to choose the length You want to leave for Your beard, and You can maintain different stYles with a single clipper. You can create a medium beard stYle, a stubble or simplY use it without a comb to create a hairless stYle.

There is no doubt that the Máquina de Corte Taper Black It is what You were waiting for to complement Your care and personal hYgiene, since You will be able to create different looks without having to leave the comfort of Your home. 

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Martin mercado hurtado :

Compre una maquina taper alizz y bueno la lleve a garantía porque la maquina al usarla en modo inalambrica se apagaba ya la revisaron y argumentaron que presento un corto circuito en la tarjeta.. la use hoy y bueno la maquina me sigue presentando la misma inconsistencia díganme que tiempo de carga a la corriente debo darle de carga a la maquina a ver si estoy fallando en el momento de ponerla a cargar o si definitivamente la vuelvo a enviar a garantía quedo atento

Feb 24, 2022


Hola precio de la plancha gracias

Jun 30, 2021

Sol Jazmín Miranda Burgos:

Buenas tardes.
Tan amable me indica que precio tiene la máquina de hombre de corte Taper black.
Gracias quedó atenta.
Feliz tarde 🙏🏻

Jun 15, 2021

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