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How to choose the ideal look for my hair type.

Tips from Alizz to choose your new hair look.

A lot of time standing in front of the mirror or on Pinterest, a thousand other magazines leafed through and you still haven't decided which look to choose.r, right?

It may sound exaggerated, but changing your look and cut is not an easy task. At Alizz we give you 5 tips to make the choice much easier and more accurate.

  • 1 Analysis your face.

     The shape of our face can determine the type of cut we choose. If it is round, straight hairstyles can work for you, if it is square, stay away from the capul and if it is triangular, cuts with pronounced volume are usually a hit.


  • 2 Identify the texture of your hair.

     Texture can also play a big role. .If your hair is thin, try short layered hairstyles; to have it thick you can experiment letting it grow; and if it is thick, you are in heaven: long or short it will look great.


  • Bring out your thing.

     We all have physical attributes that make us stand out, because with your hair make them shine even more. You are probably wondering how. Simple, if you have a long neck, try short cuts, if no one can resist your eyes, try wearing a capul.


  • Be comfortable.

     The tips are not true, so the only thing you have to be clear about is that regardless of the cut you choose, it is key that you feel beautiful. To do this, sometimes it can work to hide those attributes that we don't like so much... If you're not a fan of your forehead, experiment with capul or if you think your ears don't suit you, use long hairstyles.


  • Take care of your hair.

     You have already chosen your new look, now you must take care of it and you can start with a hair routine. At Alizz we have products designed with new technologies that minimize the damage caused by heat.  

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